I provide insight on following passions and inspiring others while sharing some of my recent works.

Aria the Pup

I'm a big dog lover.  I've always lived with dogs for as long as I can remember.  I've added a few photos of Aria here.  She's a dachshund/cocker spaniel mix with plenty of personality.  She's a little beyond two and a half (human) years old now.  The photos below are a collection I've saved in my library, taken from my iPhone.

(Edit: as I began to compile images, I realized how lazy she is.  I've culled this set down to ones of her in her sleepiest state.  You'll notice multiple images taken on the stairs.  These weren't shot on the same day - she likes to hang there.)

Chad...on the Beach

I'm really happy with the way this experiment came out.  I've been playing a lot with video and I'm feeling much more comfortable.  

I had Chad over a couple of weeks ago and asked him to describe his experience with the beach.  He describes what got him into it and what he loves about it.  Ask anyone who finds an interest in the ocean and they will likely answer similarly.  


4th in Texas

I'm a fan of the fourth of July.  There isn't a more American holiday than the anniversary of our independence.  When Krystal told me we would be celebrating in Texas for the weekend for her family reunion, I was pretty damn excited.  

We had a great time in Texas where we stayed at Krystal's aunt's house on Lake LBJ.  The festivities ran for the majority of the 24 hours in all of the full 3 days we spent there.  Of course, I had to bring the cameras with me to capture all the fun.  I hope you aren't tired of photos of fireworks yet.  I had plenty of opportunities to get these shots with a few hundred dollars of fireworks lit right on the lake!

Private Party: Orfila Winery

Happy July 1st!

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to document a relaxing afternoon party hosted by my friend Joe of Legends Escrow.  The guests relaxed on a private patio at Orfila Winery and enjoyed some great acoustic music in the hills of Escondido.  Cheese boards were served and wine bottles were emptied over some good conversation.  Below are a few of the images to share with you here.

Del Mar

In the recent past, I've been shooting a lot more video.  Specifically within a market I didn't anticipate getting this involved in, but continue to have fun nonetheless.  With the lack of still photos comes the opportunity for me to bring some test footage into the internets!  

I shot the video below around a few beaches in Del Mar.  Krystal and I made our way to the San Diego County Fair last friday and since the gates didn't open until 11, found ourselves the chance to burn some time.  This is a short clip, but let me know what you think!  (p.s. if you follow me on Instagram, you would've already seen a couple of these clips :))