California Tower

1935. That was the last time the general public was able to tour the California Tower. Built to commemorate the completion of the Panama Canal in 1915, the Tower has a lengthy history

It is neat experience to be able to see some of the old architecture (much of which is still intact). The tour guides were great too. They new the answer to just about every question that was lobbed their way. 

The tour itself does have a cost associated with it, along with a long reservation wait. When you learn why the cost is imposed, you may not be so hesitant to go. To hear about the renovations required and the resources needed to maintain the tower, it's worth it to preserve a little history. 

Check out some of the photos I snapped during the tour here:

SSFP: Coffee, Podcasts, and an Invitation to SF

I overstayed my welcome. I was invited for a 20 minute conversation that lasted an hour. 

My first time joining Steven on his podcasts we dove into some of my interests, my engagement, and just caught up with a buddy who moved to the other side of the state. The fun continued on and Steven decided to chop the conversation in half for his podcast. He just released the third installment titled "Lets Talk Coffee with Ryan Holden".

We both have an affinity for specialty coffee. We discuss some of our favorite SD spots and I'm told SF spots aren't up to par. We list out a few of our favorite (other) podcasts and Steven takes an amazing fall at the end of the show. It may be worth fast forwarding to the last 2 minutes, it's that good.

SSFP: "You Almost Sent Mine Into the Water"

The new year brings a renewed outlook and opportunities to jump into something new and exciting. We all have pet projects or ideas we'd love to start and January seems like a good time to begin.

My buddy Steven, whom I met a little over a year ago, is taking on quite a few new projects. One of which is podcasting. I'm a huge fan of podcasts and have anywhere between 5 and 10 subscriptions running at any given time. 

For the second episode of the Steven Scott Foster Podcast, Steven asked me to be a guest. We had a great time jumping on a call and catching up together. He recently moved to the Bay Area so we haven't had the chance to get out in the water or hit up some of our favorite local coffee shops - all of which we get into in Episode 2

Have a listen and be sure to subscribe to get more from Steven!

Holiday Bowl: Nebraska vs USC

Last Wednesday I posted a few of my favorite images from the Poinsettia Bowl. That game could've been a high school game compared to the intensity brought by Nebraska and USC. 

This was a high-scoring game with plenty of big plays. The Poinsettia Bowl made for a good introduction to sports photography and I came a little more prepared for the Holiday Bowl.

I'm pretty pleased and proud with how these images turned out. Hope you enjoy!