Just Checking In

It's been a month since I've posted here. It isn't because I've been lazy, I've actually been more productive in the last 6-8 weeks than I have in a while! 

I've been making films/videos/shorts and posting them to YouTube. I finished the video with my friend Freddy (the endurance athlete). "Run At It" is on YouTube and I'm really happy with how it was received. I also shot behind the scenes footage of the shoot that day - yes, I shot Freddy and myself! It was a little hectic, but I'm happy those people with an interest in processes can get a little taste of it all.

I then shot a video for my friend Robyn. She owns an Etsy shop that sells calligraphy and hand-lettering on all sorts of things. I actually purchased one of her first globes with a great travel-inspired quote on it. I hope this video gives a little personality to her online shop!

Most recently, I got a new camera! I don't like to get too caught up in gear - it's a rabbit hole - but I'm super excited about my newest tool. This is my first new "big" camera since I began shooting in 2012. It's a Sony a6300 and a video of the unboxing is on my YouTube channel (seeing a pattern here?). I'm really stoked to get a bunch of footage shot with it.

I'm dedicating a lot of time to YouTube right now. I'm feeling much more productive and accomplished with this slight change in direction. The videos I'm releasing seem to be sticking a lot harder online and people are telling me they're enjoying them. I also just surpassed 5,000 views on my channel. I'd be super appreciative if you subscribed and checked some of my older videos out! Just search "Ryan Holden Imagery" on YouTube and you should find my channel easily.

As always, I'm extremely thankful you're around to see what I'm up to!


In Process: Endurance Athlete Highlight

Edit: The video is live on YouTube now and it got a great response! Check it out here!

A few weeks ago I shot a bunch of footage with my longtime friend Freddy. Freddy is an endurance athlete and is exceptional by anyone's definition. 

I asked him if I could come along during one of his training sessions. He agreed and I got some video that I'm super happy with. After his training we came back to my house and I did an impromptu interview with him. 

The feel I'm trying to go for with this video is motivational. I want the person who was thinking about getting a workout in today to immediately feel the need to put on their running shoes. I want the person who needs a push to overcome a challenge to see this and be inspired in a way they weren't before. It's a little different from what I've done before but ultimately the direction I'd like to take with video.

That being said, my interview skills need to be tightened up a bit. I'm planning to reshoot the interview with him soon. Then have a complete product to display and hopefully something Freddy and I can both be proud of.

Below is a quick clip I posted to my Instagram page a week or so ago. It's a teaser. 

P.S. I also shot a behind-the-scenes video while getting the footage for the film. I'm hoping to release it soon after the original. Check back for it!

New Orleans Photos on Instagram

Traveling Through The Big Easy

I have a long list of places I'd like to visit. New Orleans was never one of the first places I wanted to check off that list. I don't know why - I just hadn't put much thought into the city itself.

Well - I've now been. Krystal and I were invited by some friends of ours who already had it booked. We had a great time! We ate a bunch, saw the Garden District, took an airboat tour where we saw and held alligators, watched a bunch of live music, and walked a ton (one day my Fitbit told me I got 27k steps!).

Below is a video I threw together with a bunch of footage from our 4-day trip. A big thank you to Marie and Ryan for inviting us and having some awesome stuff planned.