Moment Lens Review and Images

Photographers, both hobbyists and professionals, fall into a trap. A very expensive trap. They find new, exciting gear and spend a lot of money on it. Most equipment nowadays should have some substantial staying power, but the thrill of a new toy always makes me anxious. That's what happened when I learned about Moment lenses

I forced myself to allow a desired new piece of gear to live on a wish list for a month and a half. I received the wide angle variant as a gift from my wife for Christmas. A week later I took it to the beach on New Year's Day to give it a quick test. I was impressed with the results! I had always felt the field of view on the iPhone was a bit too narrow for my liking, so the wide angle (an 18mm equivalent) was a nice figurative step back.

I worked with Steven Scott Foster on a video unboxing you can find on YouTube, so I wont get into the how-to stuff here. I do, however, want to give my thoughts on what I like, don't like, and why I think this product makes sense for me.


  • The mounting bracket could be smaller. I say this because when removing my Apple iPhone case (which is compatible, per Moment), the corners of the bracket seem to catch on the case. I'd like to feel a little more confident the bracket won't rip off along with the case. I'd suggest one that doesn't go to the edge of the phone.
  • Dust is now a problem. The protruding lens on the iPhone 6s Plus (and previous iterations) had a protruding lens that almost guaranteed a cleaning when I pulled it from my pocket. The bracket extends beyond the lens now and catches lint. Steven suggested some sort of cap for the phone's lens which isn't a bad idea.
  • There's a bit of distortion when photographing at angles. This is even more apparent when the wide angle has a subject close. objects in the background adopt strange curves.
  • You won't be putting your phone in your pocket with the lens on. It's just too bulky. The larger issue here is that photos with the lens need to be planned. I've become accustomed to quickly pulling my phone out of my pocket for a snapshot. 


  • The build quality is great. The lens has a nice weight on it, but it doesn't make you feel like you're lugging you're phone around when attached. I'm confident a drop from my hand won't break the casing (just please not on the glass. Please!).
  • My phone is always on me. My DSLR is too large to carry in many circumstances. And they say the best camera is the one you have with you. This is also a testament to the great camera the iPhone 6s Plus has on board
  • Field of view. In many cases having a wider field of view is beneficial, particularly for the landscape/outdoor stuff I've been doing recently. Adding more content within the frame is what I'd like to see.
  • This is the best option available. At $100, the barrier to entry is little larger than some other products, but I've used competing products and am convinced this is the best. 


The reason this lens is the best is because it will help you compose better images. This will not make your images sharper, which is what many reviews tend to forget to mention. But, when considering you're adding another filter in front of the camera's sensor, the images produced are sharp! Moment has released a ton of accessories and cases that I may solve some of the cons mentioned above. But, for the person who is excited about mobile photography the basic set up should have them off and to the races sooner rather than later.

Big Bear Snow Storm

This past weekend we made a family trip to the mountains. Big Bear is only about 3 hours away from where we live in San Diego making it an easy getaway. On Saturday I spent the day at Snow Summit while Krystal took ski lessons. I'm excited for her to learn (and enjoy) a winter sport we can do together.

Sunday got a little sketchy on us. Krystal and I were supposed to spend a second day on the mountain but weather wasn't looking good according to the Snow Summit snow report. It had rained overnight and there was an 80% chance of sleet at 10a - 2 hours after the chairlifts open up. Enjoying the slopes in the snow is one thing, but if it isn't cold enough all you get is rain, and being on the mountain while you're wet is a whole different game.

We instead decided to spend the morning doing a little exploring off the roads and we were lucky enough to catch some snow (more like hail) to shoot photos (wind was much too crazy for my new drone, unfortunately). After adventuring, we took off down the mountain in a few separate cars. the weather had gotten worse and traffic backed up pretty bad. A tip to make everyone's day a little better from me: if you need to put chains on your car, do it in a turnout. Stopping your car and getting underneath it to put on the chains in the lane traffic is supposed to move in is not the safest move.

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced First Flights

This year I'm really anxious to take a deeper dive into video. I have a bunch of ideas with quite a few people already lined up to help me get those done, which I'm super excited about.

For now, this video is one I've been wanting to get out since I received my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced about a week ago. This is an upgrade I've really been wanting to make and was pushed to do so when DJI dropped the price on the drone $200 a couple weeks ago. With that, there were a bunch of new features on the Phantom 3 that I got excited about. I talk about a few of those within the video and also share a few clips from the lake and the beach (I really can't stay away from the water for long!).

I want to share more footage from my drone on my YouTube channel, so if you're up for it, subscribe! I also want to get more comfortable in front of the camera, so I hope this first run doesn't turn you away - ha ha!

Moment Lens Unboxing with SSFTV

I helped my good friend Steven Scott Foster with a video he was really anxious to make. My conversations with him around mobile photography have been documented and excitement has grown. 

Steven picked up the Moment Wide Lens  and we created an unboxing video with some initial thoughts on it. You can check it below from his YouTube channel:

Hope you guys enjoy it! Be on the lookout for more videos from Steven - I might be brought back on for help!