I provide insight on following passions and inspiring others while sharing some of my recent works.

Midday Blue

I had a buddy in town and ended up at the beach both days this last weekend.  Terrible way to spend the weekend (sarcasm font).  I took a few images but have one that I really liked and want to share here. Here's to hoping we get these conditions next weekend!

Sunset at Windansea

It's taken me a week or so to get to throwing these photos online.  Krystal and I made it to Windansea one evening.  After getting changed, I felt bad leaving the pup at home, so Aria got to come along for the ride.  I didn't snap too many photos but I was able to snag a few I'm really happy with. 

Light Test: Krystal

I've recently acquired a giant 72" reflector to add to my camera gear.  It's a 5-in-1; the kind with white, silver, gold, etc.  I've been wanting to put to use with my single flash setup to see what kind of results would come.  

So, lucky Krystal was ordered to stand in front of my awesome DIY backdrop (which hasn't seen much work lately) as a test subject.  I shot about 40 frames trying to get my settings right and I settled on these two below.  Still some work to do with my setup, on the post-processing end as well.  I hope to come back with a few more to share soon with some progress to be seen!

Staying Inspired

I've found myself in a rut a few times.  Those instances where the fire that feeds on motivation is low seem to be harder to fuel back up the longer you wait.  I decided a long while ago to create an inspiration folder in my email that contains videos, images, quotes, interviews and more.  I've found this useful on more than one occasion.  

The idea is simple.  As you browse around the internet (as I know you do:) ), clip webpages, copy photos and save the stuff that really makes you think about getting out and chasing whatever it is you do.  Email it to yourself.  When it pops up in your inbox, drag it to your inspiration folder.  Done.  When you need it, it's easy to grab.

One of the older additions to my folder is this conceptual video overlaid with an interview of Ira Glass by David Shiyang Liu.  Glass hosts This American Life.  An amazing podcast; one you should check into if you haven't heard it before.

Aria the Pup

I'm a big dog lover.  I've always lived with dogs for as long as I can remember.  I've added a few photos of Aria here.  She's a dachshund/cocker spaniel mix with plenty of personality.  She's a little beyond two and a half (human) years old now.  The photos below are a collection I've saved in my library, taken from my iPhone.

(Edit: as I began to compile images, I realized how lazy she is.  I've culled this set down to ones of her in her sleepiest state.  You'll notice multiple images taken on the stairs.  These weren't shot on the same day - she likes to hang there.)